09.02.13 Gagarino @ Griffin Bar, Berlin




Ort: Griffin Bar, Invalidenstrasse, Berlin-Mitte

Zeit: 22h

Eintritt: free



Weitere Infos unter: http://www.water-gate.de/club/date/10-12-2012/165.html








26.01.13 Dark Side Club Berlin

theater performance by Dr.Diva and Mélanie Le Grand

dj set by Gagarino



Location: Dark Side Club, Nostizstrasse 30, Berlin-Kreuzberg

Time:      21h - 5h

Entrance 20€



More information: http://www.opium-berlin.com/





18.01.13 Steptanz Percussion DJ



Marije Nie, tapdance

DJ Gagarino aka Juergen Groezinger , dj set & drums

Hilary Jeffery, trombone

Mikaele Pellegrino, guitar

Eva Stotz, film


One Million Steps - A Tap Dancing Adventure

a poetic reflection upon the millions of steps in our lives. How do we take them, and where do they take us? Film by Eva Stotz.


film & tapdance concert with Marije Nie, Hilary Jeffery, Mikaele Pellegrino and Jürgen Grözinger followed by a soulful jazzy dj set by Gagarino.



Ort: Chalet Club, Vor dem Schlesischen Tor 3; Kreuzberg; 10997 Berlin

Zeit: 21h


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08.08.13 Dance & Percussion


We are pleased to invite you to experience this first encounter between sound artist Jürgen Grözinger and movement artist Christine Borch. Since some months a desire has been growing to decide on a time to enter into a space together with the simple task of allowing what wants to happen, to express what wishes to be seen, to be heard. Join us in this attempt to let the shadows sing.


Christine Borch is a Danish choreographer and performer currently based in Berlin. She has been studying choreography at Dartington College of Arts (England) and at HZT Ernst Busch (Berlin). Furthermore she has been researching in Japan with dancer and director Min Tanaka around the themes of body and nature and in the environment of Schwelle7 Berlin around the themes of body and sexuality. Amongst others she has presented her performances at Tanz im August (Berlin), Impulstanz (Vienna), ICE HOT Nordic dance platform (Helsinki) and L1DanceFest (Budapest) and given the first price in Das beste deutsche Tanzsolo (Leipzig) with her solo the body that comes. Her work is based on experimenting with physical, personal and political transformational processes within choreographic structures always keeping at its core her own lived experience while drawing from her studies in Somatic Movement, Contemporary dance, Butoh Bodyweather, BMC, Contact Improvisation, BDSM, Continuum, Tao Yoga, Visual arts, Performance Writing and various Massage and Breath methods. In addition she is the lead vocalist of the band CHASTITY in collaboration with Felix Ruckert. Currently she lives in a yurt in Berlin while preparing her next performance Intimate Nature, a duo between herself and the horse Anik. www.christineborch.com


In recent years, Jürgen Grözinger, percussionist, DJ, composer and curator, has been occupying the borderland between classical music and todays´club culture. Characteristically confronting contemporary music and improvisation with forms of expressions common in modern pop aesthetics, Grözinger is constantly lending a sensuous experience to the cognitive approach of his works.The spectrum of Grözinger's work includes such diverse projects as curating the festival „Neue Musik im Stadthaus Ulm“, successfully established „Opera-“ and Concert-Lounges“ (among Berlins leading clubs such as Watergate, Berghain Berlin, and the Universal Music project Yellow Lounge) where he´s performing as dj, He created innovating music projects such „Eros“, „OrientOccident“ or „SternenNacht",where he worked together with composers among others such Michael Nyman, David Lang, Klaus Huber, Samir Odeh-Tamimi, Bernd Franke and Sandeep Bhagwahti. He is also working on film (“Global Home” by Eva Stotz, 2012) and theatre music scores among many others in Berlin, Münster and Ulm.

His mucis finds their visual counterparts in Grözinger's photographic works. Grözinger is artistic director of the ensemble “European Music Project”.

Jürgen Grözinger has studied classical percussion in Munich and Stuttgart, followed by cultural management in Hamburg. He won several music prices in his youth and worked with a huge number of ensembles and orchestras. Recently he´s working on the influence of resonating sounds on body and soul what is the source of his work with gongs and other instruments.

He also establishes a concept of contemporary "salon culture", manifested in his "Alchemistic Cabaret" series. http://www.groezinger-music.de/



Time:  21:00

Location: Uferstudios Berlin-Wedding, Studio 14 // Badstr. 41a, 13357 Berlin, Wedding (U8 Pankstraße)

Tickets // Sliding scale 5-7 euro



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31.12.12 Orgel & Percussion mit Juergen Groezinger und Markus Epp


Markus Epp: Orgel

Jürgen Grözinger: Percussion



Carl Orff: 8 Stücke aus Carmina Burana, für Orgel und Schlagzeug

Edward Elgar: Pomp and Circumstances, für Orgel und Schlagzeug

und Anderes


Ort: Lukaskirche, Berlin-Steglitz



Zeit: 22h30


Weitere Infos unter: http://www.kirchenkreis-steglitz.de/1039576/



8.12. 2012 JOHN CAGE 100

Antonis Anissegos / Prepared Piano   photo by Juergen Groezinger ©



a cooperation // artistic director: Juergen Groezinger



European Music Project

Deutsche Kammerakademie Neuss, conducted by Chatschatur Kanajan

featuring  Antonis Anissegos (piano), Adam Weisman (percussion), Roland Neffe (percussion), Juergen Groezinger, percussion


Salon Cage: works by Cage & Satie, DJ-set by Gagarino


Saturday, December 8th, 20h


John Cage:

SONATAS AND INTERLUDES, for prepared piano (extracts)


Béla Bartòk



Ali N. Askin:


for prepared piano, string orchestra & percussions (comissioned by stadthaus ulm)


Visuals: Juergen Groezinger


18.-19.10.12 Klassik-Lounge mit Gagarino @ Mozartfest Augsburg


DJ Gagarino, Chatschatur Kanajan (Vipöon=, Whitestripe (Beatbox)

Klassik ganz ohne Klunker und Krawatten, dunkle Anzüge und feine Abendgarderobe: Für 2 Nächte ziehen Geigen, Celli, Schlagwerk, Flöten und andere Instrumente samt ihren SpielerInnen ins Weiße Lamm ein. DJ Gagarino aus Berlin liefert dazu am Freitag das passende DJ-Live Set: Ein Pendeln zwischen klassischer Musik und eigenen Mixes aus Beats und Bässen, in dem er auf die Live-Musik reagiert, sie ergänzt und auch, immer wieder, mit den Musikern interagiert. Seine Gäste entstammen der Augsburger Klassik- und Jazz-Szene, und 2 Gästen bringt er selbst mit: den Geiger Chatschatur Kanajan, einen der besten Neue Musik-Violinisten Deutschlands, und den jungen Beatboxer Whitestripe, mit denen er an diesem Abend gegen Mitternacht ein gemeinsames Set spielen wird.



Ort: Beim Weißen Lamm, Augsburg

Zeit: 18.10., 19h // 19.10. 22h


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04.11.12 Klassik-Lounge mit Gagarino @ Deutscher Orchestertag Berlin



10.Deutscher Orchestertag 4.und 5. November 2012


Ort: Umweltforum Berlin

Zeit: 19h30h


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27.04.13 Concert-Lounge @ NordlichterFestival


Andy Benz & Jueri Gagarino live


Nordlichter-Festival 2013


Ort: Radialsystem Berlin

Zeit: 22h30

Andreas Bennetzen (Andy Benz) und Jürgen Grözinger (Gagarino) loten gemeinsam den Raum zwischen Improvisation und Komposition, zeitgenössischer Musik und DJ-Ästhetik, akustischem Klang und Elektronik, Konzertform, Club und offener Performance aus - eine Konzert-Lounge aus eigenen Stücken und DJ-Sets. Mit Remixes der vorhergehenden Konzerte geht der Abend in eine Party über.


Andreas Bennetzen alias Andy Benz (Kontrabass, Elektronik), Jürgen Grözinger alias Jueri Gagarino (Percussion, DJ-Set)


Zeit 22h30h

Ort Radialsystem V, Holzmarktstrasse 33, Berlin


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09.10.12 ReMix Klassik-Lounge mit Gagarino







Ort: Museum fue Gegenwartskunst Siegen

Zeit: 20h


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